Air France baby/ kids' kits


As part of its move upmarket, Air France is innovating with a new gift concept for children and the launch of its new “baby” offer onboard all its long-haul aircraft.

  • This offer is a great opportunity for Air France to reinforce three key factors that resonate with families:
  • Anchoring its positioning as a “family-friendly” airline
  • Offer a product in line with its brand values: Elegance, Excellence, Respect and Pleasure
  • Pursue its eco-responsible approach by proposing an eco-designed offer.

Quality materials, careful design and reusable and collectible content are definitely  key points of this development.

First of all, for Young Children, Air France has thought its inflight offer by focusing on the emotional aspect and the caring relationship.

This game box, whose packaging is made of 100% recyclable kraft paper, includes a figurine and accessories made of FSC wood, allowing young children to play, tell stories and have fun during the flight.

The box unfolds to offer a nice decoration that illustrates a French theme “La boulangerie”.

Package Contents:

  • A Kraft box serving as a decoration
  • An elegant and modern wooden “dog” figurine
  • A small wooden suitcase
  • A “puzzle” takeoff runway
  • A wooden plane
  • A small activity booklet around the theme “the bakery” and travel
  • A case of four coloured pencils in FSC wood


As for the Baby offer, it comes a pretty kraft box with two gifts as a welcome gesture or during their flight. This box contains all declined in recyclable, soft and light materials for the baby’s well-being.

  • A quality pouch
  • A soft toy in the colours of the Air France brand
  • A tube of organic thermal water.

Castera cosmetics are certified organic, a quality product entirely designed in France and made with a mineral composition and recognized benefits, offers the possibility of a gentle cleaning during the flight or for passengers to take it with them for later use.

To please, comfort and give special attention to all customers, regardless of their class of travel, is part of the is one of Air France’s priorities for an unforgettable experience. Crew attendants and customers have been very cheerful with these new kits.


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