Air France sustainable onboard experience


Air France is committed for a more responsible travel by:

  • Increasing use of more sustainable aviation fuel
  • Using of eco-piloting techniques
  • A more responsible inflight experience

Through this responsibility of inflight experience, our goal is to offer a sustainable travel experience fully in line with Air France’s strategy of moving upmarket. Reconciling sustainability with Air France brand values (elegance, pleasure, gourmet food and generosity) is key:

  • French gastronomy is a strong marker: gustatory & visual pleasure is fully part of our sustainable catering offer.
  • For inflight items, a dual quest for elegance and eco-design.

Therefore, in addition with fleet renewal, increased use of more sustainable aviation fuel and use of eco-piloting techniques, Air France is engaged in a more responsible inflight experience around three key aims:

Provide a French gastronomic sustainable catering.

On departure from Paris:

  • 100% French meat, dairy and eggs
  • 100% meals prepared entirely in France
  • 100% sustainable fishing
  • Systematic choice of vegetarian dish in all classes
  • Kids and infants’ menus made from fully-organic ingredients


Fight against waste.

  •  Undersupply: based on statistics and passenger consumption habits, Air France is able to prevent waste and reduce production, as well as the weight carried on board, thus avoiding CO2 emissions.
  • Preorder in Business Class: preselection offer for the hot dish of the main meal to limit over production & reduce onboard waste
  • Preorder enables improved customer experience (higher personalization / guarantee of the customer’s choice / ability to project the experience before the flight).
  • Preorder allows to reduce the hot dish loading ratio by 20% in Business class, thus reducing onboard waste.
  • Refill of stocks of beverages and other items not consumed on board.

Limit single use plastic

  • Removal of 80% of single use plastic viewed by our customers
  • Replacement of 210 million single-use plastic items with bio sourced alternatives: avoids the use of more than 1,300 tons of single-use plastic per year (plastic cups replaced by paper cups, plastic cutlery replaced by parts made and packaged from biobased materials, plastic sticks replaced by wooden mixers, …)
  • Bio-based containers
  • Sustainable packaging for pyjamas, earplugs and blankets.

Air France is fully engaged in a global sustainabilty strategy which includes necessary a sustainable onboard experience.

Through this project, Air France shows that sustainability can be compliant with elegance, pleasure, gourmet food and generosity.

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