Air France / Servair: Business Short-Haul, A Sustainable Offer


A new meal box in Business short-haul provided for customers

The new meal box has been designed and developed with eco-responsibility in mind.

Responsible catering

Committed to responsible catering the products in the box are made with meat, poultry and dairy products of French origin, French Protected Designation of Origin (cheeses and fish from sustainable fisheries).

Local and seasonal products are chosen wherever possible.
Glasses will be used for cold drinks instead of cups.

Methanisation to recycle waste

In order to recycle the boxes, Air France has set up a methanisation process, with the support of Servair.

The boxes and the food waste they contain can now be sorted onboard in a sorting bag dedicated to methanisation in order to be recycled into energy.

This concept of waste treatment is a first for inflight products. Thus, Air France is a forerunner in this field.

The box, paper napkins and food waste, as well as the bags dedicated to clearing away, will be methanised.

Juice cartons, cans and plastic bottles will be pulled apart to be recycled. Onboard sorting will be carried out according to flight conditions and on a voluntary basis by the crew.


How does methanisation work?
Methanisation is a natural biological process in which organic matter (animal or vegetable) is broken down by micro organisms in the absence of oxygen (an anaerobic reaction, unlike composting, which is an aerobic reaction).

This degradation results in the production of:

  • biogas, a gaseous mixture saturated with water when it leaves the digester, which can be used for various forms of energy
  • a wet product rich in partially stabilized organic matter called digestate, which can be used as a soil fertilizer

What are the advantages of methanisation ?

  • Double recovery of organic matter and energy
  • Reduction in the quantity of organic waste to be treated by other processes
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by replacing the use of fossil fuels or chemical fertilizers
  • Possible treatment of greasy or very wet organic waste that cannot be composted as it is

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