New Meal Box in Business Short-Haul – Air France by Servair



A tailor made box designed for our Business customers on domestic flights departing from CDG
The box has been specially designed to meet the expectations of customers on domestic flights
With very short flight times, a single offer, quick to serve and consume, this product is eagerly
awaited by our customers.

The choice of box, specially designed for Air France, opens like a jewellery case to highlight the elegance that characterises our catering offer in the Business cabin. Its contents have been specially designed to be eaten quickly onboard, with quality products and a variety of dishes to meet our customers’ expectations of gourmet delights.As a proud ambassador of fine French dining, Air France has called on chef François Adamski to create the various dishes for its sandwiches after 10 am.

The contents of the boxes are based on French recipes and regional products, highlighting the excellence of our regions. With this new offer, Air France is continuing its move upmarket while promoting French cuisine.


There are two types of offer (Breakfast box and Meal box) It comes with a menu card to highlight the content and quality of the products chosen.

The contents change every month to ensure variety.

The box comes with a selection of hot and cold drinks, including a selection of wine and champagne selected by Paolo Basso, exclusively for the Business cabin on short and medium haul flights.
Cold drinks and alcohol may be served in an Air France glass (flight conditions permitting)

BREAKFAST BOX (before 10am)
This consists of a double sandwich, with exclusive fillings adapted to the time of day, accompanied by a fresh French pastry.

MEAL BOX (after10 am)
This consists of a double sandwich created and signed by chef F Adamski, accompanied by a refined
French dessert and a Valrhona sweet or chocolate


Responsible catering
Committed to responsible catering the products in the box are made with meat, poultry and dairy products of French origin, French Protected Designation of Origin (cheeses and fish from sustainable fisheries).

Local and seasonal products are chosen wherever possible.

Glasses will be used for cold drinks instead of cups.

Methanisation to recycle waste

In order to recycle the boxes, Air France has set up a methanisation process, with the support of Servair.

The boxes and the food waste they contain can now be sorted on board in a sorting bag dedicated to methanisation in order to be recycled into energy.

This is a first for Air France. The box, paper napkins and food waste, as well as the bags dedicated to
clearing away, will be methanised Juice cartons, cans and plastic bottles will be pulled apart to be recycled. Onboard sorting will be carried out according to flight conditions and on a voluntary basis by the crew.

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