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Aotea skincare, taking Aotearoa’s treasures to the world.

Air New Zealand began the search for our next generation of inflight skincare in July 2022, and invited the Aotearoa New Zealand-based skincare and wellbeing industry to participate in a tender process for our consideration.

Our inflight skincare is made available to customers in our premium cabins, so we were looking for a supplier that could provide our customers with exceptional New Zealand-made products and feel a sense of delight when using the products onboard. We asked any prospective supplier to embody a number of attributes:

  • Transparency – being open and transparent about their ingredient choices and development processes.
  • Science-driven skincare – a focus on experts and authority, and any claims about product benefits can be validated through consumer and clinical trials.
  • Sustainability – eco-friendly products and packaging which could be recyclable, upcycled or refillable. Ingredients which are ethically sourced, and suppliers who have a clear commitment to the environment and sustainability across all aspects of the supply chain.
  • Skinimilism – to meet the demand of consumers opting for simpler skincare routines, which help to minimise individual environmental footprints and focus on wellbeing.
  • Diversity and inclusion – gender-neutral brands that ignore the industry norm that skincare needs to be divided into different categories according to the age, gender identity and skin type of the consumer.

Introducing Aotea Kawakawa Balm and Harakeke Seed Oil & Mānuka Water Hand and Body Cream, which launched onboard Air New Zealand long haul flights in Business Premier™ and Premium Economy in May 2023.

About Aotea

Handcrafted on Aotea/Great Barrier Island, in New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf – a remote island 92km offshore from Auckland – Tama Toki, the founder of Aotea, has created a unique range of skincare products using the indigenous flora of Aotearoa New Zealand, respectfully harvested by hand with Māori tikanga (protocols) at the core and spirit of the business, and authentically inspired by rongoā Māori (traditional Māori healing practices).

The hero native flora of mānuka, harakeke, kūmarahou and kawakawa all bring unique and purposeful elements to the skincare range, which are truly reflective of natural Aotearoa New Zealand. Aotea skincare embodies the very best of our country, crafted by indigenous thinkers.

Tama Toki, the founder of Aotea says, “as Māori, something that is really fulfilling is to be able share something which is so close to our culture, from such a tiny corner of the world, a tiny corner of an island, it’s really special for us here”. Air New Zealand now has the honour of sharing these treasures with the world.

The products

The Kawakawa Balm is an incredible healing product made from just three ingredients, mānuka oil, kawakawa and New Zealand beeswax, and is great for all forms of inflammation including treating dry lips or skin inflight. It was important in the selection of our skincare range that these products would have a life and use beyond the aircraft. The Kawakawa Balm is also perfect for treating eczema, psoriasis, burns, insect bites and even nappy rash, meaning that our customers can use this product for months to come, having an holistic view to wellbeing and sustainability at the front of mind.

The Harakeke Seed Oil & Mānuka Water Hand and Body Cream is a wonderfully rich and nourishing lotion which is designed to soothe and reduce inflammation. The hero ingredient of harakeke seed oil is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 and has a high linoleic acid content, which is an amino that is incredibly nourishing for the skin – perfect for the drier aircraft cabin environment. Formulated with mānuka water to balance the pH levels in the skin, it has anti-bacterial properties and helps to close the pores.


Aotea/Great Barrier Island is a remote location off the coast of New Zealand, and Aotea the supplier, remains locally based despite the challenges of this. Aotea’s kaitiakitanga (stewardship) is the process of protecting and sustaining the environment and region’s wairua and mauri (lifeforce). These values, culture and community are central to Aotea’s purpose. They manufacture their products into aluminium tubes, using 90% solar energy, on Aotea to help support and create jobs within their island community, giving back to iwi (local people/tribe) and financially support the locals of Aotea.

A meaningful way they demonstrate this is by providing annual scholarships to rangatahi (young) Māori to attend high school in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, as there are no high schools on the island. Air New Zealand’s selection of Aotea to supply skincare onboard has enabled additional support for their social impact efforts.

Since launching Aotea skincare onboard, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Air New Zealand is proud to partner with Aotea, sharing a unique representation of authentic, indigenous, and sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand with our customers, from Aotea/Great Barrier Island to the world.

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