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Bluebox’s Blueview digital services platform flexing across Australia and beyond

A Blueview digital passenger experience is perfectly suited for any airline business model and route network

Travellers flying the network of cities and regional destinations across Australia and beyond served by Qantas Group’s subsidiary airlines, QantasLink and Jetstar Group, are tapping into the most flexible digital services platform in the market today – Blueview, from Bluebox Aviation Systems.

Blueview is an innovative digital services platform that provides both the browser-based portal through which passengers can view and access a range of digital services on board – from onboard retail to entertainment – as well as all the software supporting it which ensures the secure delivery of content, third-party app integration, content management and analytics.

Blueview offers airlines the ability to engage and entertain their passengers on board and earn ancillary revenue for the airline in the process. Earn, Engage and Entertain – these are Bluebox’s three Es that generate value for any airline, and what Blueview is doing for QantasLink and Jetstar.

With QantasLink and Jetstar Group deploying Blueview, the platform proves its value to airlines operating a variety of business models and route networks. For the airline group – the solution extends the recognised value of an established in-flight entertainment (IFE) service on its mainline airline to passengers on subsidiary airlines, whether those are targeting shorter interlinked regional routes or a low-cost market.

In September 2022, Bluebox announced that Jetstar Group would be deploying Blueview across its Airbus fleet. The platform is marketed to passengers as “Jetstar Entertainment” and has been rolling out on aircraft since last autumn. Initially, the deployment includes all Airbus aircraft within Jetstar Airways and Jetstar Asia fleets, with provision to extend this to additional aircraft types within the Jetstar Group.

Jetstar Entertainment presents passengers with an attractive Jetstar-branded user interface which they can access via browsers on their own devices over a wireless network on board. For Jetstar, Blueview has been deployed on one of two hardware platforms depending on the aircraft – as part of a linefit Airbus Airspace Link installation on new aircraft entering Jetstar’s fleet, but also on Bluebox’s portable wireless system, Bluebox Wow, in its aircraft-powered format, for Jetstar’s existing A320/A321CEO aircraft. Deploying a single Blueview solution across both Airspace Link and Bluebox Wow hardware platforms provides a consistent passenger experience across Jetstar’s fleet.

In 2021, Blueview started rolling out across QantasLink’s fleet, initially on Airbus A320 aircraft, and expanding to its Fokker F100, Boeing 717, and Alliance Airlines’ Embraer E190 aircraft. The goal was to enhance the regional airline’s service on board, providing entertainment content directly to passenger devices.

For QantasLink, Blueview is delivered over a captive wireless network delivered by Bluebox Wow, proving the value of low-cost wireless hardware systems for larger fleets. The Bluebox Wow aircraft-powered option has been deployed, which also has fully automated PA Pause functionality. This is provided and fitted via an EASA STC, initially awarded for the A320 Family aircraft and modified for use on the other aircraft in QantasLink’s fleet.

QantasLink’s IFE content includes movies, TV, audio books and podcasts. Demonstrating the additional value of the software infrastructure options Bluebox provides for Blueview, access to Blueview was also integrated with the Qantas Entertainment app to help facilitate a seamless flight-to-flight IFE experience as passengers transfer from mainline to regional flights, but is also available app-free with simple browser access for anyone who does not have the Qantas Entertainment app loaded on their device.

Blueview was launched as a distinct new brand from Bluebox in June 2022 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, marking the evolution and direction of Bluebox’s passenger solutions beyond the provision of more traditional in-flight entertainment (IFE), though entertainment is still a core “E” of Blueview. Reflecting a broader industry shift towards increased digitalisation of cabin services, the introduction of Blueview also made clear the distinction between Blueview as a software-based solution and the range of hardware platforms onto which it can be deployed, such as Bluebox Wow or Airbus Airspace Link.

With options – from the services Blueview delivers, and the additional software infrastructure supporting these, to the hardware platforms available to suit any airline’s business model and fleet profile – Blueview is the most flexible digital platform on the market. And with each new customer deployment – whether flying above the Australian outback or beyond – Blueview is evolving and broadening the possibilities for the digital cabin of tomorrow.


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