B-Lemon Spritz


Lemon Spritz is a ready-to-drink, low-alcohol cocktail with a pleasantly refreshing taste that makes it an original and interesting version of the classic Spritz. Lemon Spritz derives from the combination of white sparkling wine, infusion of lemons organically grown in Sicily (the same used for Limoncino, our lemon liqueur) and mint. Its bubbles comes from the sparkling wine and not by the addition of carbon dioxide, making it fresh and lively. The correct pairing and dosing of quality ingredients lead to a product with a full, strong character, perfect for leisure time spent with friends.

Bottega SpA is a family company that has been cultivating vineyards with respect for nature for over four centuries. We are situated in the heart of the Prosecco hills, where we produce sparkling wines, grappa and craft spirits and liqueurs. Using unique ingredients, processed in a simple way and with extreme care. Following sustainability criteria, preserving the environment for future generations. Bottega a tradition of quality and a way of life.

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Bottega SpA