Etihad Airways Giorgio Armani Business Class Kit (Buzz)


Etihad Airways has partnered with renowned Italian Design House, Giorgio Armani, and luxury wellbeing brand ESPA for its new Business Class Amenity Kits developed with Buzz.

Guests are treated to a collection of two different unisex style of amenity kits that comes in a range of colours that can be collected from flights over multiple sectors.

The co-branded Folio/Clutch bag features “The Dunes” a contemporary print inspired by the rolling sands of the stunning Abu Dhabi Liwa desert.

The iconic Cube bag boasts clean lines and a geometric silhouette, creating a modern and sophisticated accessory.

The sleek designs offer a tasteful blend of practicality and fashion, making it a perfect companion for those who appreciate a touch of style in their everyday essentials.

As a set, the two styles of bag offer functionality for reuse. Post flight the bags comfortably accommodate smaller tech products or personal loose items for easy packing/organisation at home or on the go.

With wellbeing in mind, the luxury ESPA skincare provided includes the Nourishing Lip Treatment, Hydrating Spa Face Mist and Rejuvenating Hand and Body Lotion, alongside an eyeshade, earplugs and a travel dental kit.

The smart packing of the new kits along with the introduction of a travel dental kit helped reduce about two million pieces of single-use plastics annually compared to previous kits.

Building on the award-winning partnership created with the Armani/Casa Serviceware and Textile Collection, Etihad’s latest collaboration will bring the Armani brand into a fuller immersive 360° brand experience onboard.

Buzz is a design company that creates luxury products for travellers. For over two decades, it has partnered with the world’s top airlines and hotels to design and create innovative products.

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