Qatar Airways World Cup Kids Kits


The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ was hosted by Qatar. To celebrate and maximise excitement amongst young travellers, Qatar Airways created a bespoke World Cup themed range of children’s kits. This programme covers multiple touch points both onboard and off. With the excitement of the World Cup, the range is highly collectable and tradable and will help kids create memories of their adventure.

In celebration of the World Cup in Qatar, the Oryx Kids Club characters are off on football-filled adventures, bringing the incomparable excitement of the beautiful game to young travellers through a variety of World Cup themed products including, bags, collectable football cards, activity kits, build-ables, plush toys and meal boxes.

This premium range made from retail-quality material is inspired by the latest play trends and designed for inflight and post-flight use

Younger kids

The Oryx Kids Club team has been reimagined in a new sketchy artwork style, bringing a fresh dynamism representative of the fluidity of football to this younger age bracket.

The kits for young kids focus on football fun and the importance of teamwork and includes four different kits designed for kids aged 3-6 years.

The hero kit sports bag is available in five different colours with each showcasing a different Oryx Hero character. Inside is an activity book, a set of coloured pencils, and a pop fidget toy with bag clip.

Other kits in this range include a magnetic tin with noughts and crosses game, a football-themed fold up case, and a neoprene cross body bag, with a pop up, penalty shoot-out-style board game.

Infants are specially treated with a reversible football themed plush toy that is perfect to comfort the youngest of travellers. The plush transforms from one of the Oryx Kids Club characters to a mini football.

Older kids

Older children are inspired with a range of four kits which focus on the more technical aspects of football.

One kit includes a customisable tech-pouch perfect for a savvy pre-teen to keep their personal device, as well as a travel journal, phone stand and selfie phone holder.

The coach’s clipboard kit teaches kids some of the plays and moves, and also features three limited-edition football themed collectable cards.

An engaging, football themed stop motion animation kit includes a tech pod to house small devices and cables. The kit features different backdrops, props and phone stand perfect for children to create their own animations.

The final kit comprises of a retail-sized tote bag, an Oryx Heroes buildable football and collectable card folio to keep their limited edition football cards, of which three are included in this kit.

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