Air India TUMI First Class Kit


Air India has created a new range of premium amenities for passengers in collaboration with leading luxury lifestyle and travel brand TUMI. Technical innovation paired with design excellence and unparalleled quality makes TUMI the leading luxury travel brand for the global citizen.

The Air India kits for First Class passengers feature a black TUMI branded packing case style bag with carry handle, crafted from vegan leather. Stylish, functional and reusable, the TUMI case is the height of luxury for First Class passengers.

Included inside the kit is premium skincare from MALIN+GOETZ who combine trusted natural ingredients with advanced technology to create uncomplicated luxury skincare. Hand & Body Lotion and Replenishing Face Mist will ensure passengers’ skin feels nourished and hydrated inflight.

Passengers will also be pampered by ABHATI Suisse, a future forward beauty brand that fuses advanced Swiss product innovation with Indian rituals, with a focus on doing good for people and planet. The ABHATI Suisse Natural Lip Treatment provided is a rich, velvety lip conditioner made with all-natural ingredients to soothe, moisturize and condition including fruit-derived salicylic acid and organic Himalayan Sea buckthorn.

Passengers will also find inside their kits a TUMI branded eye mask, socks, a toothbrush made from cornstarch, toothpaste, earplugs, pen, and tissues to ensure all their comfort needs are met throughout their journey.

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