Saudia's Sustainable First and Business Class Duvet


Saudia’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility is exemplified by the introduction of an innovative, eco-friendly Duvet for its First Class and Business Class passengers. Crafted using 100% recycled materials, these padded blankets offer a luxurious and soft touch, ensuring unparalleled comfort during travel.

Noteworthy is the duvet’s sustainable design, incorporating recycled materials for both the outer cover and internal fill, marking a substantial reduction in the use of virgin resources. The unique quilted pattern, showcasing Saudia’s brand colors with emerald on one side and midnight on the reverse, mirrors the airline’s distinctive identity.

Aligning with Saudia’s reinvigorated brand unveiled in September 2023, which embodies a commitment to modernization and deep cultural symbolism, these duvets seamlessly integrate with the new brand colors. The incorporation of green, representing national pride and hospitality represented by the palm tree, and blue, drawing inspiration from the country’s seas and skies, reflects Saudia’s dedication to a contemporary and meaningful passenger experience.

Beyond aesthetics, these inflight duvets are generously sized at 210 x 150 centimeters, ensuring an indulgent and cozy rest for all passengers. Saudia’s eco-conscious and aesthetically aligned duvets redefine the inflight experience, marrying luxury with sustainability.

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