The Duo is a wood cutlery set (fork & knife) with patented design from Chile.

COMPOSTABLE – Duo is 100% backyard compostable. It does not contain glues or chemicals. It is pure FSC-certified birch wood.

CUSTOMIZED – Duo can be customizable with a logo on the cutlery itself and if it comes in a paper sachet. This sachet can also have the logo.

STRONG – Patented single piece construction allows the fork to pierce a raw carrot and the knife to cut anything from a steak to a tomato.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing about 3/4 the weight of comparable plastic, Duo is strong but also lightweight, making it easier on the hand and less expensive to ship.

HYGIENIC – Since you have to separate the fork from the knife to be able to use the cutlery, you have peace of mind that it has not been used or tampered with before.

Duo comes from a B Corp company.

Company Details

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