Sustainable tableware made from 100% natural components (Corn Next)


Introducing Corn Next tableware made from our patented material CN2017, a revolutionary tray that redefines the dining experience without the use of plastic. Crafted from innovative corn-based materials, the Corn Next tableware stands out for its exceptional quality, high innovation, and impressive durability. Designed to last for an extended period, providing customers with an environmentally friendly and beneficial usage experience.

As a pioneering material science company with a profound commitment to cultivating a healthier planet, we design, develops&manufactures 100% natural solutions. we are dedicated to both inventing and manufacturing a solution with our patented material CN2017 to replace most of the plastic disposable products on the market.

Corn Next is a pioneering materials science company committed to cultivating a healthier planet. After six years of intensive research, we have patented a revolutionary corn-based material: CN2017 with 100% natural components, degrades in any natural environment in as little as three months. We are dedicated to inventing and manufacturing a patented solution that replaces most of the disposable plastic products with negative carbon emissions to our aspirations.
Corn Next positions itself as a leader in the field due to our innovative features, setting us apart from other sustainable products. Here are some reasons why we stand out:

1. 100% natural component
100% bio-based, composed of 100% natural ingredients, and completely free of plastic, PLA, or resin. It’s a simple combination of cornstarch, natural enzymes, and water.

2. Revolutionary Natural Degradation:
Corn Next products are designed to 100% natural degrade in any natural environment in as little as 3 months. In other words, Our product can be effortlessly buried or discarded in the natural environment. It will naturally degrade without releasing any toxic substances. This game-changing feature eliminates the need for recycling, and no requirement for home or industrial composting, which is considered the most expensive and improperly done part of the entire industrial process—also the main reason for the plastic crisis.

Our sustainable strategy ensures negative carbon emissions throughout farming, manufacturing production, and natural degradation processes.
We’re committed to upholding this strategy at every step of the process.

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