Creamy Shiitake Mushroom Soup


Powdered sachet soups traditionally have a poor reputation for lack of flavour, clumping and requiring a standing time as well as being full of dubious ingredients.

We have developed a freeze-dried version of a classic soup with an Asian twist that requires no standing time and is immediately consumable upon preparation.

This home-style cream of Shiitake mushroom soup is perfect a hors d’oeuvre or a between meal snack or even as a quick and easy meal solution by adding some garlic bread.

The rich earthy umami flavour, with pieces of Shiitake mushroom for extra texture make this soup a warm satisfying and comforting experience.

The very high quality and uniqueness of this product makes it ideal for the airline buy-on-board market or as an in-between offering in the Premium cabins. Very quick and simple for crew to prepare and serve with a high potential profit yield it can be prepared in seconds and without clumping.

Being a strong Umami-flavoured item it is also idea for airline consumption retaining a good food experience in high altitude dining.

This product has no artificial colours or flavours and has a two-year shelf life making it the perfect choice for the short-medium haul LCC market as well as a no-waste product for airline lounges and premium cabins.

Our plans are to offer this product in a variety of forms from stackable cups to per-pax sachets depending on the airline requirements.

Company Details

DC Innovations Sdn Bhd