Gourmet Irish Ham Hock and Mature Cheddar on Bretzel Sourdough


Made with Pulled Irish Ham Hock, Wholegrain Mustard and Rich Mature Cheddar on Hand Crafted Sourdough Bread with Dijon Mayo and Crispy Onion Luxury Cheese Lid.

When developing this product, we carefully considered how to solve a problem for travel customers who wished to offer gourmet hot-to-go item. Resource scarcity has been a significant issue in the industry, and we aimed to be part of the solution. Our focus was on creating products that could fulfil the need for restaurant-quality items that today’s busy travel industry could seamlessly incorporate into their menus, while also minimising food waste for the consumer and ensuring ease of preparation.

We understood that the product needed to be foolproof and user-friendly, even for unskilled labour. Therefore, we developed an elevated ham and cheese toastie, a beloved staple and best-seller across all markets. Our goal was to make it the best version possible. To achieve this, we meticulously sourced local artisan ingredients wherever feasible, leveraging our chef expertise to craft the final product.

During the creation of this product, we collaborated closely with the bakery to refine the bread, ensuring it met the uniformity required for our processes. Additionally, we partnered with multiple packaging producers to select the most suitable film for our needs while aligning with our sustainability values.

Anticipating the product’s expansion beyond Ireland, we carefully considered how its various components would fare when frozen, thawed, and heated. This aspect of the process required extensive time and deliberation from the entire team to ensure that the product met the necessary standards for market readiness. Furthermore, we engineered the product to be quickly reheated in high-speed ovens to facilitate swift service, with a reheating time of under 2 minutes per item.


Although we handle our marketing and promotion internally, we sought the expertise of a local agency to oversee our social media presence. This collaboration allowed us to effectively manage our online engagement while focusing on other aspects of our product launch.

The rollout of this product was executed through an online campaign across various social media platforms, including X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This strategic approach coincided with the launch of our website, www.planetcafe.com, a subsidiary brand, offering hot eats, amplifying our reach and engagement with our target audience.

As a food-on-the-move expert we understand the ever-evolving expectations of consumers and the challenges it can present to companies in the aviation and travel industry. This is why we place high importance on sustainability, reducing not only our own impact on the environment but also our customers’.

Our visionary founders Jackie and Brian Reid have always been spirited about innovative food solutions and sustainability, leading the way in ethical business practices. Their direction and drive towards becoming a sustainable and eventually net-zero business has been incremental and has acted as the guiding compass for every business decision.

DELI LITES became the world’s first B Corp certified sandwich manufacturer by striving to use business as a force for good – emphasising social and environmental accountability and transparency. B Corp certification evaluates a company’s holistic social and environmental impact, aiming to foster a global community that benefits people, business, and the planet. With 800 certified companies in the UK and 14 in Ireland, this movement spearheads inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic change worldwide.

To achieve certification we have carried a multitude of projects such as 55% carbon footprint reduction, achieved 0 waste to landfill, converted to 75% renewable energy sources with plans to achieve 100% in 2025, reduced water consumption by 100K litres per year and set plans to become paperless by 2025.

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