Chilled Travel Snack Wraps


The Chilled Travel Snack Wraps is a 4-product range developed by DELI LITES Ireland under the sub-brand Planet Café for American Airlines. These products were developed specifically with airlines and onboard settings in mind.

Each product profile fulfils a distinct consumer need, emphasising our commitment to catering to diverse consumer personas. This holistic approach underscores our view of the range as a cohesive unit. With options available for Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan dietary preferences and distinct flavour preferences –  guaranteeing satisfaction on every occasion.

The range includes:

Asian Inspired Barbecue Chicken Wrap
Tender chicken breast with charred peppers, sliced red onions and cheddar cheese with tangy Asian-inspired BBQ Sauce, wrapped in a soft chilli wrap.

Slow Roasted Tomato & Pesto Veg Wrap
Couscous with slow-roasted tomato, tossed in basil pesto and topped with mozzarella and Italian hard cheese, wrapped in a wholegrain tortilla.

Smokey BBQ Chicken Wrap
Succulent chicken slices perfectly paired with charred peppers, red onion and mild cheese finished with a smoky BBQ sauce and tightly wrapped in a white tortilla.

Vegan Falafel & Hummus Wrap 
Delicious chickpea falafel, butternut squash, chargrilled peppers, crispy onions and a light hummus perfectly wrapped in a soft spinach tortilla.

The product is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Northern Ireland, blast-frozen to retain freshness, and delivered to depots where it will be tempered to a chilled temperature and served on airline carriers.

The product launched across Europe in 2023 onboard American Airlines as a second service complimentary snack. The product had to suit a wide consumer demographic which included Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian. The product needed to service multiple demographics due to the nature of flights, covering specific dietary needs.

Product Brief:

The product brief tasked us with developing a freeze-thaw solution weighing no more than 110g, intended to serve as a hassle-free complimentary second-service snack for a major airline carrier. It was crucial that the snack could be served chilled with minimal service-related complications, while also ensuring it generated no unnecessary waste or debris onboard.

There were many challenges within the brief, but the volume associated with the product was promising although the commercial ask was a challenge. We had to engage with many suppliers, particularly the wrap producer as this was the most crucial element of product to have right.  The carrier we needed for the product didn’t exist so we worked together with our supplier to create these bespoke lines.

With our knowledge of product compilation and flavour profiles, we quickly came to a solution. Moving from concept to full launch within 12 weeks. This included branding, pack design, sourcing, sensory analysis and multiple freeze-thaw trials to ensure the product was fit for purpose. The product is delivered to two main depots in London and Belgium, and from there distributed to all European destinations serviced by American Airlines. The product launched across Europe in 2023.

Planning – category, consumer and market research:

Category, consumer and market research was carried out in conjunction with the Airline carrier who provided us with information on their passengers and what products worked for them.

A freeze-thaw serve chilled product was pushing the boundaries for the business but we were confident we could deliver a solution. Coupling our food compilation knowledge with what we knew would work in a freeze-thaw environment ascertained what ingredients to avoid due to their instability.

We faced issues with the carrier wrap samples which did not stand up to the freeze-thaw process. Working with a local Irish producer we created bespoke tortilla wraps that serviced our needs.  Many freeze-thaw trials were carried out to ensure this product would be robust enough and not cause any issues onboard.  We had to be watertight on this as the volumes involved would be catastrophic if anything were to underperform.

The airline customer fully drove the launch plan and outlined the timelines. Jointly, we created a critical path to keep everything in line, consultation on all elements of product and packaging design was crucial to ensuring a seamless launch and we managed this well despite the tight timeline.

We created a ‘Preparation Guide’ for the food handlers to ensure that the product was tempered correctly before going on board and organised a visit to physically go through this process and ensure they understood how it would work.  On board, we created ‘Product Information Cards’ to educate the cabin crew and leave them fully informed of the product contents and attributes. We included a QR code on the pack which led back to the Planet Cafe (a subsidiary brand of DELI LITES for travel products) website. there we received amazing feedback, compliments, and requests for stockists of the product from passengers.

“Amazing chicken wrap I had in my last fly with American Airlines. How could I buy it at home?”
– Jose V, Florida.

“I had one of your wraps on a flight recently, and would love to know where to purchase them!”
– Annette C, South Carolina.

“I had the Barbecue chicken wrap on my flight. How can I order more? It was delicious.”
– Crystal M, Cincinnati.

Product Launch:

The first production before launch at the DELI LITES manufacturing facility was accompanied by representatives, on behalf of American Airlines from start to finish, to sign off on product quality and consistency. We had the team on site for 3 days. Case and pallet configurations were also assessed and approved so we were confident that the product was co-signed off to proceed.

Launch into the airline catering handlers was managed through a re-communication of the tempering process and then getting feedback on board that the product was to spec. There was only one sales channel for this and the marketing surrounding it was minimal bar the communication for the cabin crew to ensure they were confident about the products they were serving to passengers.

Everything was communicated on the pack design, which was eye-catching and informative, made interactive via a QR code which successfully drove traffic to our site and gave us valuable feedback and engagement on products.

We have judged our success by having zero complaints and continued business with the product. These products have a specific market and product sales have been very measured due to the nature of the aviation industry.  Products have been produced in line with the forecast, throughout.

Currently, DELI LITES are in conversation with other airline carriers to grow this further, planning to venture into providing hot eat solutions in the same manner.

We are excited about exhibiting at the World Travel Centre Exhibition in Hamburg to promote these offerings and have invested in growing this area of the business in 2024/25. Goals have been set to double the current volume over the next 12-18 months and penetrate more domestic carriers for shorter-life products.

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