TUFF-LIFE In Flight Galley Carts


Diethelm Keller Aviation has been setting the benchmarks for ultra-lightweight carts since 2009. Now, TUFF-LITE raises the standards yet again by reinforcing legendary lightness and durability with the revolutionary toughness of UNI-STRUCTURE Technology, taking performance and productivity to new heights.

UNI-STRUCTURE technology top and base panels are precision-crafted from a single solid slab of high-grade aluminum alloy, creating a seamless frame and body construction that offers superior impact and wear resistance.

CNC milled from a 100% recyclable single-piece aluminum plate, the top and base panels of TUFF-LITE provide solid and robust structural support for the entire cart.

Built with the cost of ownership in mind, parts and accessories such as door panels are interchangeable between carts to give users flexibility to reuse parts and reduce cost of inventory.

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Diethelm Keller Aviation