En Route's turkey bacon & gouda cheese ciabatta


En Route’s turkey bacon and gouda cheese ciabatta features the familiar flavour of soft, wheat bread with an oregano kick and a hint of mustard mayo.

At 275kcal, the ingredients prioritise health as both a necessity and a trend: turkey bacon is leaner than pork, containing fewer calories and less fat, potentially making it a popular choice for people watching their calorie or fat intake. It’s also a great substitute for those who avoid pork, providing a smoky, salty, meaty flavour. Gouda cheese, meanwhile, is not only delicious but considered one of the healthiest cheeses it is especially rich in calcium and a great source of vitamin K2. The combination of turkey bacon and gouda cheese offers a savoury and smoky flavour profile, with an umami-rich taste.

With a minimum shelf-life of six weeks and a maximum shelf-life of seven months, the product is heated after thawing, for 15 minutes or until piping hot.

The packaging is an ovenable, recyclable rectangular box carton that is plastic-free, grease resistant, freezer resistant, and compostable. The properties of the board stop grease and moisture from penetrating the box and impacting the visual and physical experience of the product.

The box design heroes the key product ingredients in a black and white filter to contrast with the protein-coloured background, ensuring any vegetable or protein products can be easily identified by crew. Within the main central lockup is an illustration which portrays the product’s ingredients in a symmetrical icon format.

Launched in December 2023, this delicious ciabatta has already been enjoyed by over 180,000 passengers.

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