Air France galley box by En Route


France, of course, has a strong culinary tradition with an emphasis on quality and origin. Many French consumers appreciate locally-sourced ingredients and traditional preparation methods, often associating them with higher quality, freshness and a connection to regional culinary heritage.


Prioritising local

One key consumer trend is that French consumers are buying local – approximately 80% of French consumers are choosing to purchase local products. There are several reasons for this: one is that local products are more eco-friendly than imported items, while another is the willingness to support the local economy, especially following the struggles that were created by the pandemic. In 2022, 42% of respondents to a Statista survey listed the purchase of local products as a significant commitment to them.


The brief and the outcome

The brief for En Route to refresh Air France’s economy and premium economy galley snacking tray was for a snack box containing at least 72 items per box, with two savoury and two sweet products of high quality, French origin, and premium packaging design. 


The En Route team was challenged to explore products with strong environmental credentials and sustainable packaging, maintaining French provenance and the premium look and feel of individual items in the box, and demonstrate an understanding of French food preferences.


The team created a 1kg box full of ready-to-eat French products with improved satiety and sustainability credentials, but simultaneously controlled cost increases. Each snack tray contains: 30 x 4.5g French flag caramel sweets; 14 x 10g crispy Trésors Gourmands olive oil & basil crackers; 20 x 6.5g plain truffles; and 12 x 25g St Michel chocolate coated Madeleines.


The Trésors Gourmand crackers have no preservatives or palm oil and only use free-range eggs. The company is improving its responsible and sustainable business practices including sourcing through its membership of Sedex. 


The St Michel Madeleines use cage-free eggs and no palm oil. The packaging is recyclable in France, and the company recycles its organic waste through methanisation or composting; works with more than 1,200 French farms, and uses CRC French wheat. This certifies quality and traceability of farms that engage in good practices and encourage biodiversity.


The galley box has a minimum shelf-life of one month and a maximum shelf-life of two months, and between October, when the box was launched, and December 2023, 35,400 boxes were sold.


Packaging and design

Design-wise, the packaging uses the colours of the French flag. Components are individually packed in a custom-coloured corrugated card buffet box E300 with a gloss finish containing internal dividers, and is hand packed and sealed.  


Traceability information is printed on the tray label and both sides are printed with the Air France blue, which was challenging to match between coated and uncoated printing surfaces and possible due to the inks being ultra-low migration.


En Route’s plastic-free corrugated cardboard outer box is not only fully recyclable in existing waste management infrastructure but also biodegradable, can be made from 100% from recycled material depending on choice of printing colours/coverage, and adheres to forest management standards that ensure the maintenance and growth of existing forests.


Transport impact, meanwhile, is reduced by using optimal pallet heights for transport and stacking of pallets in trucks to optimise loading.

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