Open Fold with Lamb, Cheese and Caramelised Onion


With many pastry-based hot handhelds available to passengers across multiple airlines, En Route set out to redefine the standard and develop a product which not only offers a marked point of difference, but also delivers an authentic flavour experience for passengers seeking an alternative to the norm.

Hand crafted with precision and care, En Route’s open fold with lamb, cheese and caramelised onion is an artisan bread-style hot handheld that combines enhanced resilience with lashings of flavour.

Packed with 88% locally sourced ingredients from Australia, this hot handheld combines juicy Australian lamb enhanced with spices and herbs, sweet caramelised onions, cheese and potato folded into a light golden brown crust.

The open fold also fully retains its integrity in the oven, making it the ideal choice for passengers looking to strike the perfect balance between durability and delectability.

With choice also a key consideration in the development of the product, En Route has also expanded the range to offer different sizes and flavour profiles to suit a broader range of passengers, with other options of the open fold comprising:

  • Spinach & ricotta
  • Honey mustard chicken
  • Mediterranean vegetable
  • Bacon, egg & relish
  • Egg, cheese & relish

With such choice and the ability to bespoke all aspects of the product to a customer’s request, the range is already popular with multiple airlines selecting it as part of their economy snack offering, much to the delight of their passengers.

En Route’s new product development team is now exploring more filling options and sizes to cater for premium cabins in the near future.

Brand and boxing

The brand treatment and box format have been designed with the airline environment in mind. The use of colour reflects the protein type, ensuring it is easily identifiable for crew, whilst the packaging has been optimised to maximise loading onboard.

The open fold offers a minimum shelf-life of 11 months and a maximum shelf-life of 12 months, and is hand packed in a food grade ovenable box with a spear lock closing mechanism. The packaging offers high temperature performance and is grease resistant & freezer resistant.

Company Details

En Route