FHIRST Living Soda Passion Fruit


Say hello to our FHIRST Living Soda Passion Fruit – refreshingly sweet, with a gentle fizz that tickles the tongue. Sit back, sip and enjoy this tropical health smack.

In response to the rising demand for functional gut and immunity products, The FHIRST Team, led by founders Steven Van Middelem and Pip Brook, felt that there was something missing in the market: a soda that’s not only refreshing and indulgent, but also good for you and the planet.

The founders combined have over 30 years experience in food and beverage. Steven has over 15 years experience in food and drink distribution and Pip’s background is in building and launching brands, including over the last ten years the launch of Vita Coco across Europe to become the world’s biggest coconut brand.

After two years of development, FHIRST was launched in March 2023 and combines the gut lovin’ benefits of probiotics and prebiotics without the use of sugars or sweeteners. FHIRST stands out as an all-natural, zero-sugar soda proposition with mainstream taste appeal. This innovative product aims to reshape the beverage category, proving that health and great taste can coexist without compromising integrity. The FHIRST Team is committed not only to revolutionising drinking habits but also to raising awareness about the crucial role of a well-functioning gut microbiome and if you’re going to drink soda, then why not drink a soda that is good for you.

Also as part of their dedication to sustainability, they invest in nature’s biodiversity through PlanetFHIRST, allocating 1% of turnover to biodiversity and green infrastructure projects in partnership with SUGi.

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