Mr Filbert's Teriyaki Mochi Rice Bites


Mr Filbert’s Asian Savours Rice Bites are made with authentic sticky Mochi rice and generously seasoned with a savoury sesame Teriyaki sauce for a deliciously aromatic and crunchy snack, a true Oriental classic!

All our recipes are made with the dedicated craftmanship and the passion of our expert chefs, who seek out only the best in texture and flavours, using all natural, locally-foraged ingredients in Somerset. The team behind our gourmet snacks combines a wealth of business and food manufacturing expertise, with over 70 years of combined food industry experience, and their efforts have seen Mr Filbert’s accumulate over 30 industry awards for the products they have developed over the years.

Filbert’s Fine Foods markets and manufactures a range of award-winning fine food products from our kitchens in the heart of Somerset. 13 years on from tumble-roasting our first batch of gourmet nuts, we have proudly received over 50 industry awards, and we continue to deliver a true masterclass of fine flavours.

Established in 2010, Mr Filbert’s inspiring and creative fine food brand has set the market alight with our incredibly quirky and creative recipe inventions, becoming listed in leading independent grocery department stores, delicatessens and farm shops nationwide. Each of our nut snacks is oven-roasted, rather than oil-fried, in Mr Filbert’s very own customised nut roaster, to give what is described as a superior and healthier snack offering, then tossed and tumbled with the distinctive combination of ingredients that reflect our unique and delicious recipes from around the world.

Company Details

Filbert’s Fine Foods Ltd