Rosemary Almonds 25g


At Mr Filbert’s, we seek out new and really interesting flavours from around the world to give our award-winning artisan snacks a twist that makes them extra delicious.

Our Rosemary Almonds contain the finest pure and natural ingredients, combined in our own unique way, to produce a light, aromatic snack, perfect for the peckish!

Our gourmet snacks are completely natural, gluten and dairy free, so everyone can enjoy a delicious snack created with nature’s finest ingredients.

Founded in 2010, Filberts Fine Foods produces and manufactures healthy and tasty gourmet snacks, at our factory in the heart of Rural Somerset, including our wide range of Nuts, Olives, and Cured Meats

We carefully tumble and marinate our gourmet snacks with fresh herbs and foraged ingredients, to give them their truly distinctive taste.

It’s this attention to detail that makes Mr Filbert’s a favourite in bars, hotels and delicatessens everywhere.

Unlike other snack producers, all of Mr Filbert’s recipes are oven roasted by hand and not oil fried, making for snacks that are naturally healthier, more delicious and truly beyond expectation.

Our expert chefs, with more than 30 years combined experience in the food industry, worked tirelessly to perfectly design and craft our marvellously moreish rosemary almonds.

Our talented and dedicated production team roast and tumble the almonds in our delicious recipe of fresh rosemary leaves, smoked icing sugar and sea salt, which beautifully combines these terrific flavours to produce a smooth and satisfying snack.

Company Details

Filberts Fine Foods Ltd