The SEES and Finnair product collaboration


In a nutshell

  • A new partnership between Finnish cosmetics brand SEES and Finnair has created a holistic scent journey from ground to air
  • First products were introduced onboard and in lounges in June 2023
  • In November 2023 Finnair introduced an innovative and unique lip balm onboard its long-haul Business Class cabins
  • All products are made from organic and biodegradable materials and manufactured in Finland


SEES cosmetics – Finnair lounges and Business Class lavatories on A330s and A350s
Finnish natural cosmetics company SEES has partnered with Finnair to create a fragrance experience centred around the idea of crafting scent memories and tapping into the positive effects of fragrances.

Travellers in the Finnair lounges at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport can immerse themselves in the carefully-curated scent world created by SEES. In the restroom, the scent journey begins with hand soap and hand lotion, while shower and sauna areas are complemented by cosmetics and hair care products from the brand. The same atmosphere continues with hand care products placed in the Business Class lavatories of Finnair’s wide-body aircraft.

Forest Kiss Lip Balm – complimentary on-request item, long-haul Business Class
This product is the world’s first lip balm in a tube that contains Re-Connecting Nature™ forest microbes. Finnair is the first airline in the world to offer its customers a product containing these forest microbes.

Forest Kiss Lip Balm strengthens the delicate skin of the lips, reduces potential irritation, and speeds up skin repair and renewal. Forest Kiss Lip Balm contains Re-Connecting Nature™ forest microbiome extract, a patented ingredient derived from Finnish nature, composed of diverse, rich, and safe microflora from plant compost. It restores the physical connection to the biodiversity lost due to urbanisation and hectic lifestyles, which we refer to as nature exposure. Recent studies have proven that Re-Connecting Nature™ forest microbes effectively strengthen the body’s immune system.

Part of the balm also targets the oral mucosa, which has a thinner protective layer, making the defence system more accessible. Forest Kiss Lip Balm is also ideal for use under lipstick. The balm effectively moisturises, and the gentle peppermint oil refreshes and cools the skin.

All SEES products are manufactured in Finland. The raw materials used are from renewable natural resources, they are vegan-friendly, and the bottles are made from recycled plastic. The packaging design is characterised by its simple Scandinavian aesthetic.

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