Finnair Centenary Menu


To acknowledge our big year, we were serving a special Finnair 100 menu on our long-haul Business Class flights departing from Helsinki between September 2023 and January 2024.

The updated recipes represent different time periods and decades in Finnair’s culinary history. The Business Class menu starters are from the 1980s and 1990s and the main courses from the 1960s and 1970s. Our centenary menu desserts, such as blueberry pie and sea buckthorn mousse, are true classics and showcase the Finnish food culture, with fresh berries as a common ingredient. Familiar flavours are elevated to celebrate our rich heritage, creating a dining experience that honours our 100 years of culinary history.


  • Roasted beetroot with beetroot purée, beetroot mousse and goat’s cheese cream
  • Wasabi salmon roll with apricot miso and seaweed caviar
  • Finnish fish pasty: Smoked vendace with mustard mayonnaise, vendace and pork pâté and seaweed caviar

Beetroot has been used in many of our appetisers, and in the Finnair 100 menu we serve it roasted with goat’s cheese. Salmon rolls were served back in 1987 on our Helsinki-Tokyo flights,  originally with a honey mustard sauce, while the current version has been updated for the present day, with influences from Japan. The Finnish fish pasty is a classic from the Finnish kitchen, also served previously on our flights. A traditional Finnish dish, the fish pasty was served in Finnair Business Class in the 1990s. The classic was modernised for the Finnair 100 festivities.

Main course

  • Beef chuck roll with potato gratin, chorizo ragù and blackcurrant sauce
  • Broiled rainbow trout, mashed potatoes with spinach, tomatoes, and creamy mussel sauce
  • Destination specific third main course option
  • Finnair 100 special by pre-order: Reindeer meatballs, mashed potatoes with mustard, and port wine sauce

Among the chosen berries to complement Finnair 100 Menu, blackcurrant, blueberry (also featured prominently as Finnair’s signature drink: blueberry juice), and sea buckthorn take centre stage. These berries not only add a burst of flavour but also embody the essence of the Nordic landscape. Their inclusion showcases a deliberate selection that aligns with the region’s commitment to freshness and the celebration of local ingredients. The beef chuck roll, cooked to perfection, reflects the hearty and wholesome essence of 1960s cuisine at Finnair. The dish is elevated to perfection with a blackcurrant sauce, weaving in a touch of sweet and tangy notes.

Nordic countries, with their extensive coastlines and proximity to cold, nutrient-rich waters, boast an abundance of fresh seafood. Fish such as salmon, herring and trout are commonly featured in Nordic dishes. In our centenary menu we offered tender broiled rainbow trout accompanied by a bed of mashed potatoes, enriched with spinach and tomatoes. Complemented by a velvety creamy mussel sauce, this offers a fresh and gratifying culinary journey. This dish originates from the 1970s.

To mark Finnair’s 100th anniversary, an additional special Finnair 100 dish was offered to reflect the airline’s rich Nordic heritage in a single, delightful bite: Reindeer meatballs with mustard-infused mashed potatoes and a decadent port wine sauce. In the 1990’s Nordic culinary scene, reindeer found its way onto many menus, bringing with it a taste of the region’s rich gastronomic heritage. We wanted to celebrate this heritage by bringing it back to our menu.


  • Selection of Finnish cheeses
  • Blueberry pie with cinnamon and mascarpone mousse
  • Sea buckthorn mousse

The cheese selection has been a part of our menus since the beginning, and cheese is a very popular delicacy between the meal and a sweet dessert. Today, we prefer and serve cheeses from smaller Finnish producers.

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