Northern Blush signature cocktail on Finnair


Have you ever wondered what the Northern Lights taste like? Meet Northern Blush, the signature cocktail that will light up your senses.

Northern Blush was launched in May 2022 as Finnair’s signature cocktail. Nowadays it’s available on all Finnair flights with bar service, in all travel classes. An aircraft, as an environment, comes with limited opportunities for preparing cocktails, so our aim was to bring in to our selection a ready-made premium cocktail, to offer our customers a consistent cocktail experience. To achieve this, we collaborated with Mikropolis Cocktails in Denmark who are specialists in canned, bar quality cocktails. As always, Nordic co-operation was efficient yet smooth and agile.

Northern Blush offers the freshness of lingonberry, reminiscent of the components of the widely-known Cosmopolitan cocktail. Once we were able to source lingonberries of Finnish origin, we were sure that the plan was bulletproof. You will taste nuances of citrus and a hint of juniper berry. The ingredients are gin, lingonberry juice, orange peel and bitters. The colour of the drink is vivid red, and its scent transports you into a frosty Finnish forest when autumn is changing to the winter. The inspiration for the label comes from the Northern sunsets and modest blushing of Nordic people.

This cocktail is so good, it will make you blush. And we’re not talking about the Nordic ‘kind of’ blush, where you turn slightly pink after a sip of hot chocolate. We’re talking about the Northern Blush, where you glow like the aurora borealis after a sip of this heavenly drink.

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