Cub Food


Cub Free-from food for kids, already flying and available in private healthcare. Premium retail launch later this year.

Cub food is designed to appeal to kids from 2-12 years. It’s designed for fun
and educating children on food allergies and living in a world where food
allergies are on the rise. Cub also has lots of children’s stories teaching and
educating kids on how to look out for the friends, families, and others with
food allergies. The food is gluten, milk, peanut, tree nut and sesame free.
Cub Club is our club for all allergy kids with lots of resources to educate and
train kids and families with food allergies.

With the 300% rise in children’s food allergies in the last 2 years which is
broadly not being addressed we wanted to create a brand and identity
children and adults can trust. Trust is a huge part of managing allergy anxiety.
Anxiety is heightened on board an aircraft and because the brand touches all
areas of travel, retail and healthcare it engenders calm and a level of trust for
children and guardians.

For the first time airline can offer a free-from brand that will please all children.
Reduce anxiety which tastes great.

Company Details

Foodcase International BV