Foodcase Santan Barista Coffee Concept


Santan Barista Coffee Cups are a delightful blend of convenience and sustainability. One base, endless possibilities.

Elevate your coffee experience with new Santan Captain, a bold blend crafted with freeze-dried technology. Pecan, Cacao, and Almond flavours harmonize in every sip, capturing excellence and the fearless spirit of our pilots.

Indulge in Santan Allstar, our Single Origin capsule from Ethiopia Yirgachee. Savour Lemongrass, Honey, and Chestnut notes in every cup, a tribute to AirAsia’s spirit.

Our Santan Blend inaugural capsule and the first introduction to specialty coffee. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated fusion of Cedar, Anise, and Musk — a testament to Santan’s commitment to crafting unique and memorable coffee experiences.

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