Foodcase – Kasih Sugar Cane Packaging


Foodcase’s eco-friendly Sugar Cane Packaging is an 100% compostable ­alternative to traditional snack packaging. Kasih reduced its plastic content by 73%.

In 1926, the Kasih family embarked on a dream to share Middle Eastern flavors with the world, rooted in Jordan.

In 2018, their hummus and breadsticks snack became an airline favorite. Despite success, Kasih aimed higher, focusing on sustainability.

Overcoming challenges and setbacks, they partnered with a sugar cane supplier in 2022. After a year of relentless refinement, a groundbreaking, commercial-grade 100% composable material emerged in 2023, reducing plastic in their snack pack by 73%.

Kasih’s journey exemplifies unwavering commitment to progress and innovation on the grounds of sustainability, with their pursuit of enhancements continuing into 2024-2025.

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