Gate Gourmet's commitment to culinary innovation in menu design


At Gate Gourmet we strive to continuously move the needle on airline catering innovation, and in our Global Culinary team we have several roles dedicated solely to this purpose. Our Executive Innovation Chefs are experts in integrating new trends and techniques into our culinary developments. In their roles they push the envelope and create dishes that are bespoke to our customers, sometimes at the expense of 100% operational feasibility. The goal is to not limit the creative reach during the research and development phase of a dish. The result is a well thought out and completely bespoke capsule collection of dishes that are shown to our customers with their brand, values and requests in sharp focus. These sometimes-aspirational dishes, become an inspirational touchstone for our design chefs dedicated to these customers, and the elements that resonate strongest are incorporated into operationally achievable finished menus.

At gategroup, we believe that the culinary and hospitality experiences we create have a unique ability of taking people on a memorable sensory journey, that’s what moves us, offering passengers a superior experience onboard.

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