Hop Soda on Wizz from gateretail


Hop Soda is a new revolutionary drink that gateretail is bringing onboard WIZZ.

gateretail has partnered with a local Hungarian Craft Brewery, Monyo, to bring a heartland product onboard for WIZZ passengers, the Hop Soda. It is totally new to the market, so it feels great to be able to launch a new-to-market product onboard a fresh brand like WIZZ.

This unique product is a soft drink which is produced from natural ingredients, it’s alcohol-free, carb-free, sugar-free and calorie-free! It’s a perfect balance of dry-hops crafted soda with lime. Great for any passenger as a refreshing drink with great flavour. One of the main components of hops is xanthohumol which has a calming effect on the brain making it the perfect drink to have when flying; further ingredients promote relaxation and the reduction of stress, together with the aroma of the hops themselves which brings relaxation due to their essential oils.

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