Discover Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit


Discover Airlines has partnered with deSter to bring an innovative and exciting amenity kit to their passengers. This kit is designed to help passengers have a fun and stress-free experience while travelling, starting from the moment they board the plane.

The centerpiece of this amenity kit is the “Water-resistant Travel Buddy,” a pouch that passengers can use to keep their phones and valuables safe from splashes of water. This is especially useful for passengers who plan to spend time at the pool or beach during their travels. The pouch has a closure that doubles as a small handle, making it easy to carry around.

In addition to the water-resistant Travel Buddy, the kit also includes a number of other goodies to make passengers’ flights more comfortable. For example, there is an eyeshade to help passengers sleep, socks to keep their feet warm, and earplugs to block out any unwanted noise. The dental kit is from Humble Brush, and includes a high-quality bamboo toothbrush that can be reused many times. There is also a Compass sugar-free peppermint to refresh your breath before landing.

Overall, this amenity kit is a great addition to Discover Airlines’ inflight experience. It not only provides practical items that can make passengers’ journeys more comfortable and enjoyable, but also showcases the airline’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With this kit, passengers can start their holiday off on the right foot and enjoy every moment of their travels.

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