Qantas Plastic-Free NeverLeak Box


Airlines are announcing ambitious sustainability targets and embarking on a range of environmental initiatives as part of their commitment to reduce emissions. Minimising waste and single use plastics is a major part of this initiative. The challenge for the Global-C team was to create a box in paperboard material that was leakproof, freezer-to-oven safe and compostable – something that had never been done before.

The NeverLeak sustainable paper box is a result of over three years of joint research and development, with multiple on-ground and inflight trials using different substrates and designs. Plastic-free, these paperboard containers are premium, sustainable alternatives to the plastic or plastic-coated products currently used in the food service and airline industry. Using the proprietary NeverLeak sealing technology, Global-C designers have created a box design with the patented EasyClick lock lid closure, making it secure to handle for caterers and passengers alike.

The NeverLeak box is a solution that is manufactured with sustainably sourced paperboard, plastic-free, recyclable, leakproof, dual ovenable and both home & commercially compostable, while also compliant with every sustainable end-of-life disposal option.

The Qantas box is printed with iconic Australian landscapes, with the design incorporating acknowledgements of Australia’s First Nations people. The box has been successfully tested as leakproof with a variety of inflight meals, including curries and pastas. The box can be frozen to -40C and safely heated in an oven to 220C or microwaved at high settings. This product removes millions of pieces of plastic from the environment every year and contributes positively towards the Qantas Group’s sustainability targets.

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