LATAM SUP-Free Economy Meal Service Equipment


This service can be found on LATAM’s international routes on both narrow body and wide body aircrafts, thanks to its modular components.

The concept is composed of sustainable materials in the form of reusable dishes, for both cold and hot food items, as well as aluminum lids and bamboo cutlery. It is presented on a tray with a soft nonskid layer on top and nonskid feet below for stability.

The setup was carefully designed in matt black tones to highlight the food, and the soft curves of the tray break the traditional airline codes. The dish sizes are optimized to bring as much food value as possible to the passenger.

This service was designed to be bulk loaded in the trolleys to maximize space on board and meal size for passengers, even the trays are super stackable and can be loaded directly inside the trolleys in stacks of 8.

When it comes to meal collection and trash management, the trays are designed to slide back directly on the runners like a traditional tray service, facilitating handling and efficiency for Crew members.

With this rotable program, 1000 tons of single use plastics have been eliminated. Aluminum lids were preferred over other disposable materials given that aluminum is one of the most recycled materials worldwide.

It features:

  • Noble and sustainable materials, no single use plastics
  • Sleek black matt design giving a premium feel
  • Tray with soft curves breaking traditional airline codes
  • Fresh food with 100% local and natural ingredients
  • Maximized food portions taking advantage of the entire oven and cart space

Besides its sleek design and wise use of materials, this economy set up is unique in 3 ways:

  • The high heat casseroles have dividers, allowing the airline to serve more food combinations within the same dish footprint, and reducing unnecessary clutter
  • The setup is designed to be bulk loaded at origin and stored back directly on runners after use, making it a hybrid, crew friendly model
  • The trays have non-skid feet which provide stability for passengers when dining

This service is part of the broader sustainability plan from LATAM which Global-C is proud to echo and support.

“Sustainability, a Necessary Destination” is the name of their long-term strategy, through which they commit to the protection of South America’s ecosystems for the next 30 years.

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