Everhub Engagement Platform


The Everhub solution is the most widely deployed and comprehensive solution that consists of hardware, software, content and ancillary revenue services. Everhub’s hardware was designed with scalability in mind, allowing for the use of multiple integrations on a single server without interfering with the overall performance.

As new applications and services are developed each year that consumers and passengers use on the ground, it’s important that airlines have the tools to quickly deploy these services in the air. Within the Everhub software is the Everhub Engagement Platform (EEP). This toolkit allows for the effortless integration of third party applications.

Thirty airlines are currently utilising our Everhub solution and in each of their tailored software configurations, EEP plays a key role in enabling technology and revenue generation partners to effortlessly deploy and manage their applications.

By creating an EEP toolkit, airlines have quickest and easiest access to integrations that are tailored to their passenger experience needs: premium entertainment, tailored destination content, ancillary revenue, payment and ordering, and data reporting.

The EEP is provided with as part of an overall software architecture guidelines for packaging, installing and updating software on the platform. A rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are provided including flight and aircraft details, mapping information, logging capabilities for analytics purposes, plus an ordering capability integrated with the Everhub Crew Application. A virtual environment is also provided for development and testing of integrations for airlines and partners. A synchronisation API is provided for partners to upload usage information for analytics and insights . A key aspect here is the ability for control over data synchronisation between Everhub, partner systems and occasionally connected online environments, which is pertinent as connectivity begins to make its way into the market, but is frequently not available.

The Everhub Engagement Platform is not only available on Inflight Dublin’s own battery- or aircraft-powered servers, but also on additional portable and fixed platforms, including the Airbus Airspace Link platform.

Everhub offers the most comprehensive and widely used integration platform available in the market today, thus enabling a more comprehensive rollout of wireless services for passengers and airlines alike.

The benefit of EEP with Everhub’s hardware infrastructure allows passengers access to the largest range of applications in the market.

The back end of the EEP that supports data uploading and synchronisation allows for a deeper insight to passengers. As passengers engage with Everhub, data will become available for airlines to help scale their passenger experience KPIs. This access benefits the passengers by engaging with superior, tailored packages by the airline. The EEP extends the passenger experience because it goes beyond providing in-demand movies, shows, music and publications; it reinvents the cabin experience and raises the expectations by giving passengers the most diverse range of options.

Similar products in the market do not have a dedicated integration platform to quickly and easily add integrations to their solution. EEP offers the only comprehensive and widely used integration platform available in the market today, thus enabling the most efficient rollout of wireless services for passengers and airlines alike.

EEP has been used to integrate with over ten separate partner systems, ranging from Games (Glati8tor games), Destination Services (Exploro), five payment platforms (including Retail in Motion, Gate Group and bespoke platforms), Advertising exchanges (PxCom, IMD) and, most recently, 3D moving maps (FlightPath3D).

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