Poppy Wines 2023 Pinot Noir in FrugalPac Bottle


FrugalPac is the world’s first paper bottle for wine and spirits. The FrugalPac bottle has a carbon footprint up to six times (84%) lower than a glass bottle.  The FrugalPac bottle is up to five times lighter than a normal glass bottle, making it lighter to transport.  As it is made from flat recycled paperboard, it allows for 360-degree branding across the bottle.

As for the wine featured in this innovative new packaging, it’s a great Pinot Noir, reminiscent of the California Golden Poppy, flourishing in the embrace of cool coastal climates.  Poppy Wines are an artful blend sourced from meticulously farmed vineyards, each nestled in cool regions to foster the development of intense, ripe flavours.

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