Great Western Railway Uniform



British train operator, Great Western Railway commissioned jSD to design and manufacture its uniforms as part of a rebrand in 2019. The design team’s task was to create a modern uniform that captured the great 19th-century heritage of ‘God’s Wonderful Railway,’ while remaining relevant to today’s rail travel and passengers. GWR is committed to being a leader among the UK’s train operating companies, and that meant outstanding uniforms across every job grade promoting wearer wellbeing, safety, pride and productivity through style, fit and functional excellence

Look and feel:

The jSD team designed timeless garments that have a classic yet clean and quality feel. To achieve the heritage, the collection mainly featured two shades of green with black – a deliberately subtle mismatch of colour repeated throughout the range. Considering the need to keep employees warm on trains and platforms, our design team added a zip-in lining to both the men’s and women’s coats. For the first time, jSD introduced a fitted and shaped coat for women, offering a more feminine and flattering design than previous ones. 

The range offers clothing options suitable for both cold and warm weather. During colder months, staff can wear outer coats, raincoats, hats, scarves, thermals, and gloves. In warmer months, they have the choice of shirts, dresses, polos, shorts, and a baseball cap. There is also a menopausal blouse currently being developed specifically designed to provide comfort and support during this stage of life.  


The uniform serves many purposes, going beyond brand recognition to create a sense of unity and enhancing overall wearer wellbeing. This range offers functionality, featuring fabrics with built-in stretch and ease of movement. When employees feel comfortable throughout their day, it not only contributes to their overall wellbeing but also promotes a positive mindset while ensuring comfort.  

Wearers are also given the freedom to choose garments based on their personal comfort, irrespective of gender. Both male and female options are available for selection, allowing wearers to order from either range. Drivers can opt for either a smart or casual uniform, with many garments designed to be unisex.  

“As well as creating brand awareness, promoting a professional image, and making you feel more confident, the uniform promotes team building and unity. This contributes to equality amongst wearers, enriching colleagues’ wellbeing. A positive state of mind and body, feeling safe and able to cope, with a sense of connection with people, communities and the wider environment” says Joanna Akhurst, Uniform Development & Standards Manager for GWR

How uniforms improve the customer experience:  

Uniforms play an important role in projecting professionalism among GWR staff; they give a sense of being trustworthy and approachable, which helps passengers feel more at ease. They help passengers easily identify GWR employees, whether they are on the platform, in the station, or on the train. This makes it easier for passengers to ask for help or information, creating a sense of security and making navigation simpler. Finally, the uniforms are designed for comfort, allowing staff to work efficiently and maintain a positive attitude, which has a direct impact on customer experience.  

Why is your product the best in the class?  

At jSD, we are committed to offering corporate workwear that prioritises the wellbeing of the wearer. With over 65 world-leading clients in more than 80 countries across the globe, we understand that no two clients are the same, which is why we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service tailored to brands’ unique needs. At the core of our approach is our commitment to innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and design to create uniforms that reflect each brand’s identity and set them apart. By focusing on wearer wellbeing, better brand experiences, and operational efficiency, we deliver business value for our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of clothes at work. From research and design to production, distribution, and responsible end-of-life disposal, we provide exceptional service that sets us apart in the industry. We believe that no-one-is-uni-form; we fashion brand-building clothes for real people at work. Right-sized, durable and fit for purpose. One size does not fit all.  

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