Virgin Atlantic’s A330neo Upper Class Sleep Sheet


October 2022 saw the inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic’s brand new A330neo aircraft (Billie Holiday, G-VJAZ) from London Heathrow to Boston. As part of Virgin’s latest generation Upper Class cabin the mattress pad has been developed specifically to fit the size and shape of the brand new Upper Class seat.

Amongst a multitude of design features, John Horsfall’s innovative sleep-sheet helps create one of the best long-haul experiences in the skies. The mattress’ durable construction and super lightweight materials add to the A330neo’s well reported sustainable credentials. The aubergine trim co-ordinates with Virgin’s refined Upper Class colour palette and enables operational efficiency through easy identification in laundry; whilst the foam filling provides ultimate levels of support and comfort for a sleeping passenger.

Tri-point seatbelt access has been engineered into this product to allow passengers to keep their sleep sheet in position throughout taxi, take-off and landing. This provides passengers the opportunity to prepare their seat for sleep pre take-off; allowing them to recline into bed mode as soon as they are in the air.

The carefully considered horizontal quilting lines echo the stitch detail of the seat’s leather upholstery and are positioned to allow the mattress to easily fold around the seat as it moves through various levels of recline. The mattress also features a unique dual-hood design, each hood shaped to cocoon both the head and foot of the Upper Class seat. This addition provides a perfectly fitting, secure sleep-sheet at all passenger positions throughout the entire journey.
This Upper Class sleep-sheet enhances the sleep experience of the forward-facing suite with full closing privacy door; a beautiful, practical mattress product to relax, reassure and delight.

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