Air Astana Economy Amenity Kit


Kaelis Unveils Trendsetting Amenity Kits for Air Astana’s Travel Experience

Kaelis is delighted to introduce a fashionable bespoke amenity kit collection designed exclusively for Air Astana’s Economy passengers on outbound flights from Kazakhstan, reflecting its commitment to innovation, trendsetting design and sustainability.

With the unique idea to transform a bottle holder into our pouch, this contemporary pouch keeps in mind our lifestyle today. Constantly on the move, this pouch will hold your essentials at hand or make sure you are well hydrated. Setting a new standard in onboard style, this chic accessory is available in a myriad of colours from greens to blues and red with inner items to match, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful journey.

Each holder is packed with the basic essentials such as a dental kit, socks, eye mask, earplugs, pen, as well as a hand cream. Air Astana ensures its passengers are well taken care of onboard, providing them with these extra little must-haves for a relaxed journey.

Kaelis recognises the importance of sustainability in today’s world by integrating eco-friendly choices into these kits without compromising functionality or comfort: from kraft packaging to a bamboo toothbrush and a pen made of cardboard. With a waste-free vision removing all the single-use plastic packaging from these kits.

Air Astana’s amenity kits are not your usual travel accessories; they are a statement —a statement of style, comfort and a commitment to a sustainable future.

The airline believes in providing passengers with more than just the basics. It wants the best for its passengers and will go the extra mile. We join Air Astana in this quest offering a journey of colour, comfort and conscientious choices.

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