Kids Green Adventures on Aircalin


Kids Green Adventures by Aircalin and Kaelis.

Introducing the Aircalin Kids Green Adventures Kids kit – a delightful and sustainable travel set with unique companions designed to make the journey as exciting as the destination!

The Fantastic Four Aircalin mascots: the Talkative Turtle, the Swifty Seal, the Lazy Lizard and the Kind Kagul Bird take you on a journey of sustainability, allowing the imagination of the young travellers free to explore the different aspects of recycling for a greener tomorrow.

The multifunctional bag immediately catches your attention with its green hues of the natural jungle. As the adventures unveil we find a memory game that stimulates young minds, encouraging cognitive development while fostering a love for wildlife. An entertaining and educational activity book is a canvas for creativity, allowing kids to sketch and jot down their thoughts during the flight.

The matching game adds an element of fun and family time creating lasting memories, ones that you always want to repeat. A whole range of products all made from recycled materials.

Dive into the world of colours with the recycled carton pencil case, promoting both artistic expression and environmental consciousness. The cosy eye mask and the rPET socks, in jungle tones, ensure comfort and rest during the flight, transforming the cabin into a haven for little dreamers.

Aircalin’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the kit, from the recycled materials used to the nature-inspired themes. This kit is not just a travel accessory; it’s a gateway to eco-conscious exploration, fostering a sense of responsibility for the planet in the hearts of all young passengers travelling with Aircalin. Let the skies become a canvas for green adventures!

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