Azores Airlines Business Class Amenity


The Story of Sustainable Luxury Onboard with Azores Airlines’ Business Class Amenity

Discover comfort and convenience in your journey onboard with Azores Airlines’ Business Class amenity kits, thoughtfully designed by Kaelis to meet passengers’ travel needs.

This pouch collection was designed to redefine travel convenience while championing environmental sustainability. The pouch has been crafted from canvas and made of natural materials with a low impact on the environment due to its high durability and reusability.

With a geometric feel inspired by the airline icon logo, the pouches reflect the interior colours of the aircraft in its shades of grey. A collectable item, as each pouch has a colour of its own to match its identity with the different aircraft named Breathe, Wonder, Dream, Magical and Inspire. This amenity is for you to continue the story, it is all about you the passenger.

The inside items have been hand-picked to make sure they increase your comfort as well as the environment. Packed in the most sustainable fashion these accessories are here to add the extra comfort you need while onboard. Slip into comfortable socks while you lounge around, knowing these socks used to be a plastic bottle polluting the sea. Great emphasis is put on upcycling and recycling for a better tomorrow.

For a touch of eco-luxury, reach out for the tissues soft on the skin and gentle on the planet. Block out the world and catch some rejuvenating sleep with the eyeshades.

Embrace this touch of eco-conscious luxury on your travels, where style meets sustainability. Welcome to your world of comfort with a conscience, and remember, this is just the beginning of your story.

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