Etihad Economy Class Amenity Kit (Kaelis)


The Etihad Tote: combining practicality, style and sustainability.

The Gift

Guests arriving at their seats are welcomed by a ‘gift’, a tote bag containing all their inflight essentials including a Beekman hand cream and other amenities such as eye shade, earplugs and toothbrush. The tote also contains a sustainable fleece blanket, becoming a one stop location for everything that a guest needs for their onboard wellbeing.


The fashionable tote bag has four collectible designs featuring the tail-fins of the iconic Etihad livery, as well as the Greenliner, Manchester City and Formula 1 special liveries. Aviation geeks will also be delighted to find the aircraft registration number of these special liveries on the tote bags.

Versatile Functionality

Focused on practicality, guests are encouraged to use the kits in their day-to-day activities, avoiding plastic bags. These highly-reusable totes transform into a foldable compact pocket pouch. An ideal travel companion adapting to the demands of a dynamic journey and beyond.


These tote bags are fashionable while promoting sustainability, avoiding the use of plastic bags during and after passengers’ flights. Having the onboard blankets and amenities all packed in one tote bag eliminates up to 33 million pieces of single use plastic bags annually that would normally be used to pack the amenity items individually. Each bag is made from a 500ml PET bottle which has been rescued from oceans and landfills.

This collection of revolutionary amenity kit tote bags is a testament that style, sustainability and practicality can coexist harmoniously.

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Kaelis was founded in 1997. Over the years, Kaelis has enhanced its global footprint by opening several offices worldwide.

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