Etihad Economy Service Equipment (Kaelis)


Innovative inflight enhancements for Etihad: Elevating

Service and Efficiency

Etihad Airways introduces a suite of innovative products designed to seamlessly integrate into existing services while prioritising flight performance.

The Multipurpose Tray (MT) fits securely on the cart with adjusted dimensions for modernity. Featuring a mix of matte and shiny finishes, it enhances the in-flight service experience and has a versatile use for delivery and packing.

Streamlined and elegant, the Saddle Rack can hang off the side of the cart or drawer ensuring secured placement of tetra packs. It’s flexible enough to hold any other items required for service within reach of the cabin crew, avoiding them having to dive into the cart. It is also stackable for ease of storage in containers.

The Bar Top provides a dedicated space on the cart top for crew to prepare beverages. Wider and longer, it accommodates condiments and two tumblers/cups. Its enhanced modularity with a slightly elevated side wall, facilitates efficient packing. 

Both the Saddle rack and Bar Top extend the working surface of the cart top without adding the weight that a traditional cart/bar top extension does.

The Ice Bucket aligns with tetra pack height and is part of the modular design of the suite of equipment. Featuring a transparent design for easy monitoring of contents, it fits securely in both the saddle rack and bar top, embodying Etihad’s commitment to functionality and efficiency.

These enhancements collectively reflect Etihad’s dedication to innovation, promising a more effective service delivery for both crew and guests.

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Kaelis was founded in 1997. Over the years, Kaelis has enhanced its global footprint by opening several offices worldwide.

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