Qatar Airways Hajj Kit (Kaelis)


Qatar Airways enriches the spiritual and cultural dimension of its Hajj’s passengers

To honour the country’s cultural and religious roots, Qatar Airways has always celebrated notable dates and events onboard including various festivities across the calendar year.

This year, Qatar Airways launched a bespoke Hajj kit – a convenient assortment of essentials for the pilgrimage journey, all in a reusable bag.

Respecting the religious nuances of the airline’s passengers, the kit was designed keeping pilgrims offering Hajj in mind. The amenity kit was offered to every customer in both Premium and Economy. The kit included a prayer mat inspired by carpet patterns, a pouch with tasbih (Islamic prayer beads), a digital counter tasbih, wet wipes and anti-skid dotted socks in a drawstring pouch for a comfortable pilgrimage.

The kits were designed to transform and build the experiences of passengers and enrich the spiritual and cultural dimension of their Hajj journey.

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