LOT Business Class Tableware (Kaelis)


LOT’s high-end dining service with timeless tableware

LOT Polish Airlines has unveiled a brand new, exquisite inflight dining experience in collaboration with Kaelis, redefining travel with a focus on high-end dining for unforgettable moments in the sky.

Inspired by the rich tapestry of Polish cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions found in the LOT destinations, the crockery set is a combination of design and functionality, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This set enhances the aesthetic appeal of meals whilst improving comfort and usability, ensuring that every service from breakfast straight through to dinner is a treat.

Embodying modernity and minimalism, the crockery set features a unique, lightweight contemporary design that transcends time. Versatile plates with fresh, sleek forms serve as an ode to elegance, elevating the overall dining experience.

Beyond aesthetics, this tableware champions sustainability. This crockery set is 21% lighter than its previous crockery set, contributing to a lighter aircraft load, ultimately lowering the carbon footprint. This commitment aligns seamlessly with Kaelis’ ‘Mission Eco,’ an initiative dedicated to sustainability at every step.

LOT and Kaelis acknowledge the pursuit of excellence that has reimagined tableware; redefining the art of dining in the skies, where every moment is an eloquent expression of our commitment to both culinary excellence and environmental stewardship.

Kaelis is the world’s leading independent provider of onboard products, services and solutions, serving 1.5 billion passengers from more than 100 airlines and railway companies in more than 57 countries, with an experience of more than 27 years contributing to customers’ success. The multi-national company specialises in sourcing, designing, developing, manufacturing and delivering products worldwide as well as providing consulting services for on-board services. Kaelis was founded in 1997. Over the years, Kaelis has enhanced its global footprint by opening several offices worldwide.

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