Turkish Airlines Chequered Mate with Hackett London by Kaelis


Tainting the skies once again in different hues, Turkish Airlines surprises its passengers with brand new Hackett amenities. Working together with Kaelis, the prestigious British brand has developed a whole new set of exclusive amenities for Turkish Airlines.

A passenger favourite, this new collection is curated with two chequered amenities in blue and beige, and twinning them are a the monotone version of both in vegan saffiano leather.

Chequered Mate

A collection that has the Hackett DNA, breathing British style at its max, these amenities are the showstopper when onboard. A sophisticated feel with a soul of elegance and a radiant Hackett logo at the heart, each of these amenities has a character of its own. Each individual colour combination is unique, ranging from natural green, earthy brown, imperial blue and exalted beige.

Bold and beautiful

A contemporary look, focusing on functionality, these amenities ooze elegance with a Hackett signature tag on a vegan saffiano leather face. This stylish collection comes in an array of bold monotone colours including elegant black, marine blue, icy grey and warm white. 

Kaelis and Hackett, brands synonymous with luxury and trend-setting designs bring together an unbeatable collection of eight contrasting amenity kits with exquisite finishing in natural colours in the finest materials. 

The excitement doesn’t stop at the facade, just as one peep into the pouch, you will find fascinating Cosmetics products by Qiriness, a renowned French spa-at-home skincare brand. This well-known brand combines the effectiveness of natural active ingredients with technical efficiency, for guaranteed optimal results. A face mist with beneficial virtues of select Swiss Alpine plants, 2-in-1 Lip Balm protects and hydrates your lips while enveloping them in a cocoon of softness and a trio hand cream of Apricot, Mandarin, Orange and Peach milk, this creamy sorbet quenches the body’s thirst and leaves skin divinely silky.

This renewed comfort kit, keeping sustainability at the forefront, comes with a laser cut eye mask reducing the use of fabric, a eco-friendly biodegradable toothbrush and reducing plastic by 80%. 

Turkish Airlines with every step is getting closer to its sustainability goals, while increasing comfort every step of the way.

Kaelis is proud to bring together the greatness of Turkish Airlines, Hackett London and Qiriness, partners with a shared appreciation for style, comfort and luxury. 

Kaelis thanks Turkish Airlines for the trust placed in our work. 

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