Icelandair overnight kit by Kaelis


Delayed and cancelled flights can cause quite a few complications, however Icelandair eases the whole experience with its brand new overnight kit developed with Kaelis. 

Icelandair is an environmentally-conscious company, committed to addressing its environmental responsibilities. Thus, this kit too, is made from upcycled plastic waste. The body of the pouch is recycled polyester, which reduces the use of water and emission of carbon dioxide in its production. 

The construction of the pouch is simple with a curved end to ease opening and closing, as well as access to the inner items. Being water repellant, the pouch is versatile and multifunctional, something the passengers would like to keep in their travel suitcases. 

The kit contains the basic essentials one would need, such as a t-shirt along with a bamboo toothbrush. shaving kit, Seiun shampoo, conditioner as well as a deodorant stick. 

Seiun is a brand developed for travel, as its name suggests, SEIUN Essentials is about the sensory experience. Each product takes you to a journey within a journey. 

Icelandair is always looking at new ways to enhance the passenger’s experience onboard and beyond.

Kaelis thanks Icelandair for the trust placed in our work.


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