Iberia crockery set by Kaelis


Iberia, in collaboration with Kaelis, has developed a bespoke crockery set that elevates the guest experience to high-end dining standards.

Plates fit seamlessly on the table and offer unique dining experience for the passenger. Avoiding straight lines and perfect circles, this set gives a sense of infinite elegance. The pearl-white finish of the plates reflect the precious pearls found in Spain. Each plate is unique, but when put together harmoniously decorate the table.

Borrowing from nature, these plates imitate the shapes of the stones found on the Costa del Sol and the soothing waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Breaking all the norms of traditional airline tableware, this collection adds a new dimension to the canvas for the chefs to display their art.  

In line with the airlines’ sustainable goals, Kaelis designed the collection with ultralight, versatile plates reducing the number of items onboard, while raising the bar for the service offered. This lightweight and durable tableware results in less fuel burn, and thus a reduction in Iberia’s carbon footprint.

¡Buen provecho! as they say in Spain.

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