Air Astana Fashion in the Skies by Kaelis


The whole aviation world started off with the simple desire to fly, to be able to move across the world like a bird. Air Astana, in collaboration with Kaelis, decided to bring these historical events to the young travellers.

The History of Aeronautics is a set of educational and entertaining activities that show the evolution of every human made product that flies. 

Divided for two different age groups. Kids between three and six years of age receive a magic carpet. Taken from the tales of how people in the past used to travel on flying carpets, this set is a bag that opens out into a picnic carpet. Encouraging families to spend time together out in the open, to embrace nature again and have some fun up in the mountains or by the sea. The set comes with a series of family games as well as old school activities and the in-games such as a Pop-it with premium kids headphones to keep the kids entertained onboard and beyond.

The young travellers aged seven to 11 years old are given a pilot saddle bag, with pilot wings printed inside, suggesting that it is good to dream, to spread their wings and fly. Opening this fashionable canvas bag, the child will find goodies such as a water bottle, premium headphones, some fun activities and modern card games that will push their imagination over the skies.  

The retro look of both bags, made using sustainable materials, made these kids kits a must-have. Air Astana encourages family time with games that everyone can play together by giving them products that the child can reuse, with packaging that can be recycled.

Aeronautics is one of the clearest tests of human resilience and there is nothing impossible if we work together. 

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