LATAM – Five initiatives to build a Sustainable Onboard Experience


During 2022, LATAM Airlines implemented and invested in several sustainability programs, having a commitment with three strategic pillars: Climate Change, Circular Economy and Shared Value.

We challenged ourselves to have more sustainable elements onboard. For example, leaving behind the single-use plastics and replacing them with more sustainable materials such as kraft paper, bamboo, or sugar cane, or simply not packaging each component with plastic. We reduced 77% of our onboard single use plastic (1.485 tons) by replacing  it with more sustainable materials.

In our cabin, instead of plastic, you can now find bamboo mixers, rotable bags, paper ribbons wrapping blankets and pillows, sugar cane caps, a new amenity kit, and a complete new YC Regional Service.

Another element was waste, as we looked for a second-use or better recycling process. 

The ‘Recycle your Journey’ programme allows us to recycle waste collected onboard in domestic flights, setting aside aluminium, glass and plastic. This initiative is possible thanks to the support of workers, passengers and suppliers. We have launched the program in all SSC domestic flights.

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program was launched, which has 600 participants, including crew, who participated in webinars and training to promote the strategy and culture of Sustainability in the LATAM Group.

Upcycling – Second Flight it is an initiative that allow us to take responsibility of our textile waste produced by the annual change of uniforms (more than 40 ton each year). Artisans from South America transform the garments into new products

LATAM Cargo worked on more than 25 trial initiatives during 2022 to reduce the use of plastic film in their main processes. With great success, three of them have already been approved and will be implemented during 2023, expecting to reduce more than 58 tons of plastic in the cargo network.

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